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Something extraordinary is happening among the younger generation in the Middle East.

Who we are and what we do:

SafeHouse Ministry is a Christian ministry among Farsi speaking youth.
We believe something extraordinary is happening among the younger generation of Iran and Afghanistan.
We live in a great season where God is calling a church to mature and be equipped to bring in a great harvest worldwide.
We believe that the Iranian people will play a great part in this new season.
God has given us the vision to equip and build His kingdom among the Farsi speaking communities worldwide.


SafeHouse has seen many years of god's faithfulness.

SafeHouse Ministries was founded by Senior Iranian and Dutch church leaders, as well as worship and youth pastors with a passion to train and equip Farsi speaking Christians. This ministry is used to strengthen and expand the virtual and underground church.


There is hope in christ

Overall, SafeHouse teams are devoted to reaching the spiritual hungry nation of Iran with the hope of Christ through social media, mobile technology, satellite TV, underground church plantings and virtual counseling.

Our Vision:
There are enough rooms for every youth

Our nation's young people deserve A shelter in this broken world and a Safe Place in this unsecure soceity. A place of Hope to come and receive the real peace in this hopeless & stressful world. In the House of Father there are enough rooms for every youth.

We want to reach out and help with the gift He has given us in a threefold ministry.

Theo Du Crocq
Leadership Pastor

I have been working with farsi speaking christians in Holland For 12 years.
It is important help them to leave their old way of thinking behind and grow in christ.
We can help them by contacting them on the Internet and visiting them wherever they live

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