News from Iran dominates our headlines, but behind the scenes God is building His church

Iran is full of young people. Nearly 55% of 80 million population is under 30; about 22% is under fifteen. For the church, this is an opportunity. Millions of young Iranians have time to browse the internet and watch satellite TV where they can hear about truth of Bible.


SafeHouse is a place where I could taste the real happiness of Jesus gave me power in the hard times. SafeHouse is a safe place that I feel the presence of god with happiness and joy. A house means nothing without a family, here you can find a great family with big hearts.



SafeHouse gave me friends who has same vision as me and they are in my age , people who has been touched by kindness of Christ and know the true value of living in faith. It is encouraging me all the time.So in this group I have learnt how to read bible joyfully with a life changing method, from a new perspective.



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